Hailing from the Glastonbury and Avebury Leylines, Teleplasmiste are the duo of Michael J York (Cyclobe, Coil, Shirley Collins) and Mark O Pilkington, (Raagnagrok, The Asterism, Strange Attractor Press), exploring sound, nature and electricity with their banks of synthesisers, bagpipes, bells and other acoustic and electrical catalysts of sound.  


Following their critically acclaimed 2017 Long Player, FREQUENCY IS THE NEW ECSTASY and 2018's WISHING MACHINE EP, both on the House of Mythology label, comes their next studio work, and first release for Golden Ratio Frequencies, SCIENCE <> RELIGION : two side long abstractions, recorded in London, Somerset and Wiltshire between 2017 and 2018, capturing the enigmatic duo at play; assembled from jams, experiments and accidents that occurred during recording sessions and rehearsals.  


Telespamiste blur vintage synthesis and contemporary electronics with acoustic pipes to create a transcendent reverie that exists on a wavelength beyond both retro fetishism and modern-day machinations.


Weaving a world of meditative pieces, mapping out and extending into the infinite, Teleplasmiste forge pathways from the eerie realm of mid-twentieth century radiophonics, and the work of minimal iconoclasts like Daphne Oram and Else Marie Pade, through the kosmische music of the ‘70s such as Cluster and Tangerine Dream to contemporary modular synthesists such as Keith Fullerton Whitman and Lichens, following a vision imbued with power and singularity. Heavy ambience and otherworldly atmospherics marry amidst an aura of epiphanic radiance.

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