Sodden Curve 

GRFRQ002 - 2018

AYN SØF (or Ein Sof), in Kabbalah, is understood as God prior to his self-manifestation in the production of any spiritual realm, likely derived from Ibn Gabirol’s term, “The Endless One”, translated as “Unending” , “(there is) no end”, or simply “infinity”.


And so is fitting that Paddy Shine, Co-Founder of prolific noise merchants GNOD should choose the name as such for his AYN SØF project.

For over 10 years Shine has been a whirlwind force of frenetic electric creativity, working within a hugely wide spectrum of sound and with a multitude of different satellite projects, it can indeed be said, like Ayn Søf, Shine is infinite, a Perpetual Motion Machine, no death, only transformation of energy, and with AYN SØF, Shine is at his most subtle, most reflective, and most tantric.


Following on from his self titled 2015 debut on Tombed Visions and last years immersive GONG GALLERY on Concréte Tapes, his debut release for GRFRQ, SODDEN CURVE, see’s Shine transcend deeper into the depths of tonality. Owing much to Eliané Radigue’s Trilogie De Morte, or La Monte Young’s early Drift Studies, SODDEN  CURVE is a one lone, tone, drone affair, a subtle movement of frequency hum, serving as an anchor to ground one in single pointed concentration. STILL LIFE’s slowly morphing drones act as a time machine, or better yet, a time eraser, pulling the consciousness down deeper into the self, into the earthly ground, while SLOW DECAYS’s sparkling kosmische synth shimmer, alludes to cosmic highs of the outer body expanses, lifting ones mind to the stars above.


No doubt influenced by Shine’s recent re-location to the boggy wilderness of Ireland’s countryside,

SODDEN CURVE proves as weighty, subtle and dense, with an underpinned reflective beauty, as the peat infused earthy landscape and open star spangled skies that now surrounds him.


"We have no prairies

To slice a big sun at evening--

Everywhere the eye concedes to

Encrouching horizon,


Is wooed into the cyclops' eye

Of a tarn. Our unfenced country

Is bog that keeps crusting

Between the sights of the sun.


They've taken the skeleton

Of the Great Irish Elk

Out of the peat, set it up

An astounding crate full of air.


Butter sunk under

More than a hundred years

Was recovered salty and white.

The ground itself is kind, black butter


Melting and opening underfoot,

Missing its last definition

By millions of years.

They'll never dig coal here,


Only the waterlogged trunks

Of great firs, soft as pulp.

Our pioneers keep striking

Inwards and downwards,


Every layer they strip

Seems camped on before.

The bogholes might be Atlantic seepage.

The wet centre is bottomless."


Physical copies come on high-quality dubbed cassette with on-body print, housed in double-sided two-panel inlay containing pictures taken by Dashiell in and around his neighbourhood, and an acetate GOLDEN RATIO SPIRAL.


Pre-Order from 12 February 2018


Ships 23 February 2018









AYN SØF - Sodden Curve  


A - Still Life (15:25)

B - Slow Decay (15:20)


Sounds - Paddy Shine


Words - Seamus Heanley

Mastering - Haslam


Golden Ratio Frequencies 2018




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