Golden Ratio Frequencies are pleased to announce our 8th release, MIND GARDEN by POOL OF LIGHT.


Pool of Light is the psychedelic drone project by Siberian born, China based musician, Anton Bogdanov, focusing on subconsciousness, tranquility states and a search for inner awareness.


Utilising an array of instrumentation such as guitars, synthesisers and loops, Bogdanov weaves a tapestry of cosmic folk drone, influenced as much by ambient post rock as by Gagaku music.


Mind Garden, Bogdanov’s thirteenth release to date, and first for us here at Golden Ratio Frequencies, continues his path of reflective explorations with two side long excursions, perfectly conveying the experience of passing thoughts in meditation.


“When meditating, one is exposed to thoughts, often chaotic and random in their appearance, but through practice one is able to let them pass, anchored by focus, mantra, or in the case of Mind Garden, sound, finding stillness and calm within the flow. This practice is often likened to maintaining a garden, a garden of the mind, where creativity and awareness can bloom."


With Mind Garden, Pool of Light takes the listener to serene tranquillity, perfectly reflected by the artwork’s photos of Zen Gardens taken by the artist in various locations in China, and the 45 mins of beautifully unfolding mind music within, that calls for stillness and centring.


Physical copies are realised on professionally dubbed C45 cassette, with on body print, double sided full colour two page inlay, and acetate golden spiral.



Pre- order begins August 12th, fully releases and ships August 26th.


Mind Garden


A - Mind Garden (22:30)


B - Awareness of Water Standing Still (25:54)


Music performed and recorded at home studio, by Anton Bogdanov, Shenyang China Jan 2019.


Anton Bogdanov ; Guitars, bowed guitars, zurna, loops, analog synths, effects, noises, vocals


Photography - A. Bogdanov

Layout & Design - A.P Macarte


Golden Ratio Frequncies 2019



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