Mark Wagner is an artist and composer whose work centres on Mysticism and who's music is a portal for deep introspection, ecstatic melancholy and clairvoyance.


Oscillating between electronics and traditional instruments like the piano and organ, he creates a contemplative soundtrack for emotional transcendence. He has released music on zamzamrec (Mental Transmutation Music) and Adadaat (Chosen Frequencies) and his metaphysical visions have led him to work with frequency, resonance and sound as universal principle.


A spiritual renaissance man, Wagner practices sacred traditions and Mystical philosophies which are indissociable from his art which also takes the form of multimedia, sensory and immersive performance, ceremonies and ritual, as well as countless collaborations, such as Moon RA, H.U.M (Rocket Recordings), Cymagick, and Ahrkh Wagner.


Previously working with loops, feedback, echoes, chants, drones, repetition, mirrors and emanations of the Infinite, and with a musical output reflecting his own personal spiritual path, PIANO PRAYER takes us to his present moment..

his most stripped back, to self, to being, creative flow channelled through fingers to piano keys, in two sides of devotional prayer.


Recorded at St John's of Jerusalem church in Hackney, PIANO PRAYER harkens back to a new age of serene devotional music, with echos of Joannna Brouk, Gurdjieff and Popol Vuh, uplifting the spirit through two long form piano improvisations, that soar and dance through the air like butterflies of melody.


Wagner is a space rock drifting from one galaxy to another in the incommensurable space-time. A leaf falling from a tree... Deciduous. Deciphering Symbols, Music of the Spheres and songs of whales. He merges to the wind, and borrows the sun's golden fire. Carrying on the flame of Blavatsky, Gurdjieff, Roerich and those explorers of truth, he is a breath, a dream, and beyond... the Trance.

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