GRFRQ004 - 2019


Golden Ratio Frequencies is excited to continue our mission of sharing transcendental sound works with our fourth release... ARD by KRIS VANGO.


Broadening our palette into realms not yet explored by the label, KRIS VANGO traverses a cross pollination and re-evolution of club music’s sonic textures, with a re-connecting of the Shamanic origins of uniting collectives into a shared experience, ARD, Vango's latest work, re-contextualises percussive and beat driven abrasiveness usually found on dance-floors, into a meditative and quasi-mystical visionary quest.


With ARD, meaning earth in Arabic - echoing the rich history of human culture, politics and religion that occupy the region, Vango embarks on his manifesto to document each planetary body in our solar system through the album format. ARD tells the story of our planet through the path of the seven chakras, beginning with our roots and expanding outwards to the boundary of earth and space, the Karman line. The album mirrors the physicality of Earth and its dramatic landscapes and ecological systems, with concepts of yogic science, mythology and the relationship between the micro and the macro. A trained graphic and UX designer (Billy Blue Sydney), sound artist (SAE Berlin) and yogic student, Vango injects a visceral visual language into the lush, expansive soundscapes that reflect both the natural beauty of his homeland Australia and the dark human occupied spaces of underground Berlin where he resides - bringing a duality that is fearless of dark spaces, yet always aims at a sense of hope and utopia.  He has released material under various aliases and played throughout Berlin, also collaborating and writing for Berlin-based artists MIKEY. and Lyra Pramuk. ARD is also accompanied by collaborations with Berlin-based artists for video content, expanding the organism of the album into an organic human network of community collaborations. 


Ard Video link:  (Collaboration with Hermes Pittakos, Ouroboros, Federica Dauri & Lisa Stertz)

Conscious and Dreaming Video Link: will supply  (Collaboration with Lefteris Kastrinakis)

Ascension Video Link:  will supply (Collaboration with Shalva Idinaxuishvili)


ARD insists the listener surrender to both the energy of our mother earth and its reverberations through our earthly bodies - expanding violently upwards through each energy centre of the body and releasing itself into the aether, exploring themes of grounding and fear (root chakra), pleasure and trauma (sacral chakra), power and powerlessness (solar plexus chakra), love and vulnerability (heart chakra), the voice (throat chakra), the mind (third eye chakra) and our spiritual relationship to the cosmos (crown chakra). 


Physical copies come on high-quality dubbed C60 cassette with on-body print, housed in double-sided two-panel inlay containing artwork by Nico Stephou, and as with all GRFRQ releases, an acetate GOLDEN RATIO SPIRAL. 























1. Ard (13:20)

2. Ascension (5:30)

3. Void (Ft. Silvie Chen) (5:05)

4. Hurricane of Light (4:32)



5. Conscious & Dreaming (9:46)

6. Theta (ft. Lyra Pramuk) (5:47)

7.  The Karman Line  (14:23)



Mixed by Kris Vango

Mastered by Shawn at Auditable Oddities

Cover art by Nico Stephou

Special thanks to Mads, Liza, Niklas, Lyra, Mikey, Kim, Bree,

Jo ^ co. The Fam, Rachel, Nick and all the Berlin Queers


Golden Ratio Frequencies 2018




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