Beams From a Spiritual Panorama

GRFRQ 011 - C60 Cassette - 2020

AHRKH is the solo project of A P Macarte, multi-instrumentalist member of Salford's critically acclaimed noise experimentalists GNOD (Rocket Recordings).


Using Modular synthesiser, field recordings and voice, often performing live with video, light manipulation and visual collaborators, AHRKH explores the relationship between sound and consciousness , and it's ability to invoke altered states that touch the intangible within us, offering an opportunity to transcend our present reality.

Highly informed by his own spiritual practice of daily Vedic Meditation, Vedic philosophy and sound's power as a healing tool for inward inquiry, Macarte defines that the goal of his music is to “traverse the infinite expansive panorama within ourselves and discover ultra-dimensional transportation methods via sound".


Primarily a live performance project performing in the UK, Europe and USA, alongside luminaries, and peers alike, in recent times AHRKH/Macarte has been expanding his sonic scope into the Therapeutic realms of sound, studying and qualifying as afully trained Sound Therapist Practitioner at the British Academy of Sound Therapy (BAST), one of the most highly regarding and prestigious institutions in the field, combing his contemporary electronic tools alongside traditional intuitive instruments such as Gongs and Crystal and Himalayan Singing Bowls, lending his sounds to installation works, Yoga classes, live film soundtracks, sleep concerts, meditation sessions and other such immersive sound experiences.


AHRKH also produces a monthly radio broadcast GOLDEN RATIO FREQUENCIES from highly popular NTS Radio, and runs a "Micro-Label" under the same name serving as a holistic sound facilitator, providing a platform for music, art and aural ephemera of a “Vibratory” quality.


AHRKH has performed music and immersive sound events in UK, Europe and USA including Supernormal Festival, Temple Sessions London, Manchester International Festival (MIF), V-A-C Zattere and 24 Hour Drone New York.


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