AHRKH WAGNER Is the Cosmic Convergence of A.P Macarte (AHRKH, GNOD) and London based Artist and Alchemist Mark Wagner (Moon Ra, H.U.M, S&M). In a meeting of minds and Spirit, AHRKH WAGNER explore the aural/astral panorama and ultra dimensional Meditations, conjuring portals, voids and vibe-ratory atmospheres for Magikal / Mystikal celebrations of the Uni-verse and beyond...


First coming into existence in 2015, the duo released their album "2B" via Gnod's own imprint "Telsa Tapes" in 2016, finding favour with publications such as the Wire and the Quietus (ranking in the best of the year end list), the release demonstrated a blisterning intensity and dynamic sense of unity, with the pair touring and performing in a number of weird and wonderful spaces.


Since then the pair have been focusing on a shift towards the more meditative and holistic avenues that their spiritual union and kinship is rooted in, performing guerilla meditations in festivals, corridors and even sound tracking Yoga classes, whirling dervish ceremonies, all night pujas, and other such spiritual celebrations.


Their new work, "Music for Meditations" is an ongoing series exploring the unity of truth and commonality shared by different spiritual practices and sound, all paths leading to transcendence of body, mind to reach unity with spirit...


Different forms of Meditational practice are re-imagined by Ahrkh Wagner as contemporary experimental sound pieces, each with their own special guest and purpose beyond musical entertainment.


Music for Meditations v.1 is the first in that series and GRFRQ are proud ot present this in a digital download package for the first time. Recorded in a single day, within the Bell Tower of St Johns in Hackney, with guest additional vocals from Shamanic Sound worker Lani Rocillo and Sufi Zikr leader Kaled Hakim, Music For Meditations v.1 captures an environment of mysticism, wonder and gentleness created by the duo where one is invited to remain still, in mind and body, to be present, and meditate, resonate and levitate.




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