A Place Where Nothing Was

GRFREQ001 - 2017

GOLDEN RATIO FREQUENCIES is very proud to launch with the label's first release GARDENER - A PLACE WHERE NOTHING WAS.

Gardener is Dashiell Lewis - synthesist, field recorder, tape loop enthusiast and former employee of Make Noise Synthesisers.


Having released a slew of trance like releases on such labels as Metaphysical Circuits, lillerne Tapes and most recently the excellent Moss Archive, A PLACE WHERE NOTHING WAS sees Dashiell continuing on his trajectory of reaching higher planes, with two side-long pieces of sublime heady work for Modular Synthesiser and Voice. Recorded in his Richmond, Virginia home, these two 15-minute tracks build, drone, pulse and morph into an organic miasma of heady loops, at once both alien and organic, machine yet human, fuzzing in a haze like fragments of fading memory and warm nostalgia.


In the Artist’s words:

“A Place Where Nothing Was” is my attempt at capturing the idea of place itself. The pieces were worked out during a strange, wonderful tour in July of 2016 that covered a lot of ground in a very short amount of time. One free morning in Ann Arbor, Michigan, I went for a walk in the neighbourhood in which we were all staying. It was a cool, still morning and no one else was out walking around, so I imagined what it would be like to grow up there, walking to Las Vegas Park or to the nature trail. I created an entire existence that didn’t really exist, planting my own experience upon a place to which I wasn’t tied at all. The idea of “a place where nothing was” means to speak to the vast potentialities in the world before us; one can read it as a complete sentence or a fragment of a longer statement. The songs themselves are meant to mirror both the ever-cascading complexities of experience as well as the, sometimes rare, moments of complete stillness."


An accompanying video created by Visual Artist KHOM (IMPATV) for track “Late Summer Lawn” has been released, conveying a feeling of the wistful impermanence of our man-made suburban structures trapped in time and outliving their human creators, in contrast to the constancy of nature--the promise and perseverance of pulsing cycles of the plant kingdom surrounding and eventually enveloping any traces of our footprints left behind.


Physical copies come on high-quality dubbed cassette with on-body print, housed in double-sided two-panel inlay containing pictures taken by Dashiell in and around his neighbourhood, and an acetate GOLDEN RATIO SPIRAL.


Pre-Order from 15 September 2017


Ships 25 September 2017









gardener - a place where nothing was


A - Covington Drive '74 (14:53)

B - Late Summer Lawn (14:46)


dash lewis + modular synth + electronics


written and recorded may-july 2016 in richmond, va

mastered by tristan whitehill

photos by dash


thanks to rae whitlock, fred thomas, kyle landstra, colin blanton, emily roll, alex macarte




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